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Agent Bonding Latex 1qt

Agent Bonding Latex 1qt

Latex Bonding Agent bonds concrete and plaster to difficult surfaces such as dense, slick or porous concrete, stone, ceramic tile, stucco, drywall, hardboard and plaster walls. Its ideal for repairing and repointing masonry parging walls, resurfacing concrete driveways, patios, slabs and steps. Makes cement, stucco and plaster adhere better. Improves the adhesion and increases the resiliency and elasticity of the patch which greatly extends the life of the repaired area when used as an additive (instead of water) to concrete mixes for patching. May also be used to prime plaster cracks by brushing into the crack before filling with plaster. Provides a long lasting, tight bond of the patch to the original surface helping to extend the life of the repaired area.
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