Jack Post Light Duty 60-96in – GCS Building Supplies, Inc.

Jack Post Light Duty 60-96in

May be used to support carport roofs and beams carrying loads not more than two wood frame floors, where the length of joists carried by such beams does not exceed 16' and a live load on any floor does not exceed 50 lbs/square feet; materials: 3 gauge steel plates (3.5" x 6"), 12 gauge outer tube (2-3/4" O.D.), 11 gauge inner tube (2-1/2" O.D.); finish: RSC Red Primer paint; codes: JP24 (sku 651.3147), JP60 (sku 651.3154), JP96 (sku 651.3188): CCMC 03330-L; JP108 (sku 651.3253) CCMC 09199-L; conform to NBC 1995, Article and to CAN/CGSB-7.2-94.
  • Adjust In=60 - 96