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Stake Anchor 10in

These commercial grade, heavy-duty nylon anchoring stakes are easy to use with Easy Flex 2-in-1 and Pound-In landscape edging products. Simply place at the ends of each edging length and pound the stake so that it connects both length of edging under the lip. For most soil types, the super-strong nylon construction is able to be pounded into the ground with a mallet or hammer, even in clay or rocky soil. The specially designed rectangular stakes alleviate frustration from the future re-installations. The flat shaft assures the stakes lay flat against the edging for a tight hold. The flat head is an easy target and strong enough to withstand a hammer or mallet. Easy Flex anchoring stakes have a pointed end that easily pierces through landscape fabric, and into any ground type. In addition to securing weed fabric at garden edges, you can use the non-corrosive nylon stakes to secure inflatable yard decorations, some solar lighting products, camping tarps and tents and much more. Durable and strong. Made from 100 percent recycled materials. Will not corrode and can be reused multiple times. (10) 10" nylon anchoring stakes per pack.