Vacuum Wet-dry Nt 35-1 9.2gal – GCS Building Supplies, Inc.

Vacuum Wet-dry Nt 35-1 9.2gal

Cleans large amounts of fine dust. Fully automatic filter cleaning Tact system automatically cleans the filter while vacuuming. Thanks to Tact, over 770 pounds of dust can be vacuumed before the filter must be manually cleaned. Eliminates time consuming work disruptions for filter cleanings and prolongs the filter life by up to 3 times. Onboard power outlet with auto-start for power tools switches on only when the power tool is in operation. Compact flat pleated filter resides completely outside the tank, thereby maximizing tank capacity. Remove/replace the filter without opening the tank, avoiding the usual mess created by filter cleanings. Designed for both coarse and fine dust, as well as wet suction. Certified HEPA ready.
  • 2200 WATTS