Wtr Htr Tall 50g 12yr Lnox Ng – GCS Building Supplies, Inc.

Wtr Htr Tall 50g 12yr Lnox Ng

40,000 BTU input for faster recovery.Electronic gas control valve that provides precise temperature control and operational status.Piezo igniter allows for easy one-hand pilot ignition without matches.PEX dip tube. Glass-lined tank with anode rod protects against corrosion. Environmentally-Friendly Non-CFC foam insulation. Factory-installed PEX polymer lined heat trap nipples. Factory-installed temperature & pressure (T&P) relief valve. Not for use in inside closets where a direct vent design is required. Complies with Ultra-Low NOx requirements in California of less than 10 ng/J NOx emissions.
  • 22" x 60-3/4"
  • Cap Gal=50
  • 12 YEAR